repurfekt II available now

The long awaited second impurfekt remix compilation. Featuring an international roster of new and familiar talent remixing material from the entire impurfekt LP catalogue. Available now.


Tomorrow I’ll be releasing the nostalgia EP courtesy of CRL Studios. This will be a pay what you want digital release with five tracks in total; a couple misfits I produced between savior and crawling, a piano performance by Karra, … Continue reading

“black bile”

shadows crawl around again shadows crawl around again Psychological symptoms manifest physically. My body feels heavy. My heart slows. Shadows dance in my peripheral vision. I feel as though my blood has become a thick, black, poison. – In ancient … Continue reading

“the raven”

At times my mind clears; unable to repeat my negative mantra out of sheer exhaustion. For a moment I feel a sense of serenity. – I wanted to let the listener experience this as well. As the album builds and … Continue reading

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